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30 Day Handstand Program
The objective is for students to get stronger, more comfortable upside down, learn good technique, and learn how to move more smoothly in preparation for the more advanced work. Workouts will feature elements of technique, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Handstand is a skill that takes years to master, but in 30 days, a beginner student can be on their way to building a solid base towards more advanced skill work. A higher level practitioner can use the program as a way to improve their strength and conditioning to complement their skill training.
🎒    floor and wall space
🕒    3 workouts per week
📅    4 weeks long
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Yuri Marmerstein
Ginger bearded physical culture enthusiast
About Yuri
Yuri is a professional acrobat based out of Las Vegas who originally came from a self-taught background and only started training as an adult. He has performed on the Las Vegas Strip and on Broadway. In addition, he is the author of the ebook "Balancing the Equation"; a full breakdown of the process of learning how to perform a handstand as an adult. Over the years, Yuri's training has included martial arts, gymnastics, circus arts, capoeira, weightlifting, and dance among other disciplines. This gives him a unique perspective on how to teach the skills to anyone regardless of level, age or background. The last few years Yuri has been traveling the world teaching and sharing his knowledge with different communities.
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